Building Your Team

Before you even begin to think about building, in our opinion you absolutely must build a good team. So who’s part of your team? Unfortunately the answer to this, is that it depends. It depends entirely on the size and scale of your project, both in terms of budget and sheer size of your build.

Your team will always cost you money (certainly for the fees they charge for their services). But we prefer to look at it is how much can they save or add value for you.

What we mean is that by building a good team around you, if you get this part right, they can more than save you in terms of overruns, poorly designed aspects, inexperience etc than the actual fees they charge you. This is a good investment in our opinion.

It’s been our (costly) experience that you get what you pay for. And whilst your project might not be in the millions of dollars, it will be no less important to you.

As a general rule, we tend to budget a minimum 15% of our total available spend on experts/professionals who will help us deliver the vision. From a technical point of view, there will be some that you have to have, for example, a structural engineer if you have any structural work being undertaken, or perhaps a geotechnical engineer for any ground specific work requiring council consent.

There are some others that you might desire but think you could do without, such as an interior designer. We think very carefully about the team at the beginning of the process, what you think you can’t afford, might end up costing you down the line. We think the soft things like interior design are becoming a more important component in this team as we value good design and how this benefits our lives.

At the beginning of any project, the core team we engage typically consists of an architect, town planner (if required), land surveyor, structural engineer, quantity surveyor, geotech engineer (if required), an interior designer and project manager.

So how do you find these people? We’ll cover this in my next post…