Into the Wilderness...

Our very first foray into the world of blogging. We hope you find this useful as this blog is written for you. One positive outcome we hope is that there is going to be some catharsis out of writing this blog and keeping it going. Let's wait and see.

We intend to keep you updated on our experiences as a team who are working hard to create beautiful homes... first in Auckland, New Zealand, then maybe who knows? These journeys are hardly ever straight-forward, hitting many bumps and dips along the way. Maybe by sharing our experiences with you, you'll learn how not to do things as well as how to do things.

So this is very much an experiment, which we truly hope to be a wonderful success in terms of its use and value to you. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Who’s this for? Anyone with an interest in property, interior design and the building process. You might be going through this yourself or wish to tune in on the progress of live projects purely for interest’s sake.

The topics we intend to cover are very much aimed at what makes a project a success, and how we try (as best we can) to turn the cards in our favour. This is we find as much a science/process as it is an art. Both are tapped into. We also, time permitting, intend to share items that we have found inspirational, which you might too.

We can explore topics from design through to management. Our working experience is very much in project management and we have been lucky enough to work on some really exciting projects. Each project gets better and better as we improve ourselves.

We also intend to keep posts as succinct as possible. Should you have any ideas/topics that you wish to have covered, naturally we would be very happy to hear from you.

And we hope to be able to keep this as current as possible, it will however depend on the ebbs and flows of my workload. We hope you enjoy it and learn something new.

So moving on from this introduction, we'll start by covering some of the groundwork in our next topic…