Architect or Draftsman?

Draftspeople serve a highly useful purpose for a great many projects. For starters, your project might not require the expense of an architect. You might simply be needing to make some minor alterations to your property, internal even, where an architect (and their fees) may not warrant the expense.

In my opinion, when you are looking to make a change that will affect the design/aesthetics of the property, it might be worth engaging an architect to ensure your property’s integrity is not negatively affected by any new changes and in fact enhances your property. And as mentioned in a previous post, the initial upfront costs are likely to enhance the overall value of your property in the long run. Isn’t that the goal?

There are countless examples around the city where poor design has left an indelible mark on the dwelling and probably negatively impacting the property’s value.

If you’re remodelling inside i.e. creating an open plan kitchen or remodelling a bathroom, then there is in my opinion little need for an architect, unless as mentioned above, I think there is a specific design problem that needs to be solved.

A good draftsperson will be able to take concepts done by others to Building Consent stage as well – so you might be able to achieve some savings that way.