I've come to realise in a very round about way, the importance of wellbeing in the home. This has been at a subconscious level what I've been passionate about delivering when I develop a property. 

Ensuring each property has great flow and connection between each function that a house should perform, captures an abundance of natural light (eliminating any dark potentially damp spaces), is well insulated in terms of heat as well as sound. The list goes on...

Looking back on my previous work, I've insisted upon these qualities. They are not only important to me, but inherently important to everyone I have engaged with. Human needs and wants that go far to establishing a space (of which we spend so much time in) to promote wellbeing in our lives.

As I learn more in terms of what I should cover in my blog, I will contribute my learnings around this topic. It's this very thing that I've come to realise is what I'm most passionate about.

Hopefully it can help you when designing and creating your spaces (if you aren't living in a Beaudomus home of course!) to maximise as much as possible a sense of wellbeing in your home.

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