Project Manage or Not...? Part 3

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My aim is to outline what you should expect from a project manager if you decide to outsource this to someone else.

A good project manager will add a lot of value to your project. They will give you a great advantage in ensuring your project priorities and goals are met. Whether that's quality, time to complete and / or cost. Normally all three aspects come into play, it's how you prioritise these and ensure your project manager is aware of these that will result in how successful your project is.

A good project manager should give you the following advantages:

  1. Experience of planning and sequencing work so that the programme is efficient and done in the most effective way
  2. Access to a well established network of consultants, professionals and suppliers. Depending on your relationship with the project manager, you may benefit from cost efficiencies as they could pass the beneficial rates they benefit from directly on to you.
  3. Experience of running projects to completion, so a good resource for advice on the entire sequence and what things you should be thinking about in advance. Being your navigator in your process, they will keep you updated on the upcoming areas of work, so you have time to prepare and provide your deliverables at the right time.
  4. A wealth of knowledge in construction who will act as your eyes and ears during the construction phase. They can monitor and point out quality aspects to your project. They are your guardian against the suppliers and contractors, so that when issues arise, they will be on your side in determining the core issue and helping you arrive at workable solutions to get through it.

A good project manager does cost money, no doubt about it. But a better way to look at it, is how much they will save you and also gain you in terms of the positive outcomes of your project. Also consider the amount of stress and load they will take on their shoulders in place of yours. 

I imagine your life is already loaded with everyday other issues, tackling another project which (as mentioned previously) takes a minimum 50% of your working week if done well, may not be a time commitment you can reasonably afford.

I've only covered a few benefits of a good project manager. Subjectively, I do think the potential benefits hugely outweigh the cost, but it ultimately comes down to how good the project manager is. Do your due diligence and check references!

Graeme FanComment