Learnings: 1

It’s a good time to document what we learnt from our recent development and also to give ourselves a rare pat on the back on what we feel we did well at. In summary, despite the success, we can always do better and strive to do so everyday.

Supplier Beware - Bathroom ware

We have experienced, despite extensive research on suppliers, issues post-installation on key contract supply items. It goes to show how important doing your homework on suppliers is, yet despite this, there are still no guarantees to their performance in terms of service and reliability.  We have had some issues with the bathroom hardware and also the joinery. I can say that the service levels during installation weren’t to the standard we expect either. It means we’d probably not use them again nor recommend them within our network.

We can not say whether we were simply unlucky on this particular project on these named items, but it has very much emphasized the cost and potential loss of goodwill that can ensue if you get just one thing wrong. All we can do is act immediately on any issues, even if they extend beyond our contracted warranty period, as we have a duty of care to our new owners of their homes as we want to ensure that their experience is best in class and they understand that we’re doing everything in our control to remedy any issues that arise, which given the complexity of any build, will invariably arise.

Fortunately, due to the research carried out on suppliers, we can happily report that the vast majority of the items that goes into a build are of a high quality and we have had no problems.

Graeme FanComment