Learnings: 2


The gardens were given the opportunity to mature through the marketing campaign. And we got to see how beautiful a landscaped garden that had been given the chance to flourish really adds tremendous value to the visual experience of a property. We thank Natural Habitats for their expert design of the landscapes that were installed at this site.

During installation, it wasn’t the easiest as there were competing priorities with various trades wanting to carry out their work, so sequencing without disruption was challenging. But we got there in the end and it was well worth it.

An expert designed landscape adds so much to the wow of a property and eventual well-being of its occupants that whilst many developments cut corners and do things on the cheap, we genuinely get a huge amount of appreciation by investing that much more in this often budget constrained yet in our opinion all important component of a development.

Perhaps paradoxically to some, we believe there is a massive return on investment in not cutting corners on landscaping. You get what you pay for and it’s important not to restrict yourself unnecessarily in this area.

Graeme FanComment