Media Attention Continues

We have recently been granted consent to develop 5 terraced homes on a section in Mt Albert where currently one dilapidated weatherboard house sits. This is the Unitary Plan working. It was a long road, we followed due process and achieved our aim. Our mission is to deliver better quality homes to Auckland.

To us, this change is necessary and is a significant piece of the answer to solving Auckland’s housing crisis. 

We have long been advocates of replacing old stock that no longer serves the community with better outcomes, inefficient with the efficient. Today’s lifestyles are vastly different from 100 years ago. Moreover, we’re demanding better quality homes from even 20 years ago – think leaky buildings.

We’ve had a swath of support for what we’re doing. This is heartening and affirms that we’re doing good and delivering what the market not only needs but also wants.

We advocate quality buildings, homes that encourage walking to public amenities like transport, parks, schools and shops, even places of work. We advocate insulation, sustainable and new technologies that can improve the lives and wellbeing of residents. 

I intend to write more on this subject as it warrants discussion and to hopefully share why I think, despite the initial pain of change, it is the only way you grow.

Graeme FanComment