Western Springs Update

The Finch St project has concluded very successfully. The two remaining townhouses have found their new owners and they are incredibly happy living in their new amazing spaces. We keep in contact with them and I’m delighted to share some comments that were passed on to us by one of the new families living there.

“We recently purchased a property developed by Graeme Fan and wanted to put on record both how much we love the design of the property and also how impressed we’ve been with the post settlement service that Graeme has provided.” - GT

What we have found most rewarding is that we achieved our goal of creating quality homes that the new owners are delighted with and will cherish for years to come.

I promised to update you on the learnings taken from the Finch St project and I will do that in subsequent posts. I just wished to say that I’m going to try and write some more over the next few weeks to update you on what’s been happening here at Beaudomus.

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