Up and Running...

Our consultancy is up and running and we have already taken clients on.  

We haven’t done any real marketing to get on the board so this is a great feeling. It’s nice to know we can add value to your journeys.

The consultancy service is for those of you who want to realise the potential of an opportunity that you have. We can help you understand what’s possible, particularly in light of recent planning changes, which I will blog about in other posts.

We have rapidly built a track record of delivering quality work, being passionate about design and outstanding quality. This can also underpin the projects you undertake with us.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more. It’s great working for clients and not just future home-owners or residents. From a purely selfish perspective we’re finding it to be a genuinely rewarding experience of just being able to help and share our knowledge.

Graeme FanComment