This new section is to share our experience and understanding with you. You will be able to apply the same guides we use everyday in your own developments to achieve a positive outcome. We are building this knowledge base over time. Let us know what you'd like particular help on and we'll be happy to discuss including these for you.

The guides will help you to understand:

  • How to subdivide your land;
  • Current planning controls in the Auckland market;
  • The anticipated costs;
  • How to calculate the feasibility and profitability of your project;
  • Issues you'll likely to need to check such as infrastructure, flood risks, topology, heritage, height to boundary, coverage, bulk;
  • The design process and achieving a good outcome;
  • Project management and delivery.

The following guides are based on our own hands-on experience. They are intended to help you understand the development process better and hopefully assist in making your development as de-risked as possible through being better informed and aware of the development lifecycle and the activities involved. 


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